National Cyber Security

A nation’s cyberspace, its digital society and e-services form a complex environment that cannot safely exist without solid cyber security protection. Governments and organisations have a huge responsibility to develop and maintain cyber security capacities that ensure the safe usage of digital services.

e-Governance Academy’s cyber security experts provide expertise and knowledge how your nation’s digital transformation is secure and your national cyberspace becomes a trusted environment.

eGA is focusing on the organisational, regulative and technical aspects of national level cyber security, and provides assistance to public organisations and critical service providers in

  • improving their cyber security knowledge,
  • developing policies and regulation,
  • raising of organisational and personnel capacities,
  • implementing security measures, and
  • developing cooperation frameworks.

Areas of training, consultancy and research

Development of policy and regulations 

  • Cyber security strategy and implementation plan/roadmap
  • Cyber security standards and baseline security frameworks
  • Specific policy documents
  • Cyber security legislation development, incl certification framework for cyber security
  • Gap analysis for harmonizing national legal framework with the EU NIS Directive

Organisational capacity building

  • Development of organisational framework on national level (roles and responsibilities), incl cyber security crisis management system
  • Capacity building for CERT/CSIRT or cyber police departments
  • Mapping of the critical information infrastructure in line with the EU NIS Directive
  • Critical information infrastructure protection – capacity building for essential service providers

Education and awareness

  • Cyber security study visits and trainings (policies, frameworks, cyber hygiene)
  • Cyber security exercises (incident management, crisis management)
  • Awareness-raising activities (campaigns, materials)

Research and development

  • Assessment of country’s cyber security situation
  • Comparison of countries and their cyber security capacity, analysis of best practice


The comprehensive set of deliverables you will receive includes policy documents, recommendation papers, consultancy, trainings & seminars, study tours, conference support, awareness-raising events & materials, analyses & research papers and technology implementation, where required.


Consultancy process

We are happy to work with you to jointly define the project requirements and collaborate in seeking funding opportunities, as we have done with many countries before.

Interested? For further information, please contact

How to benefit from the NCSI?
How to benefit from the NCSI?

The video of the National Cyber Security Index gives an overview of the index and explains how to benefit from it. The NCSI gives a public and systematic assessment methodology on how national cyber security could be understood. The NCSI includes approximately three-quarters of the countries in the world, making it the most consistent and transparent index in the field.

Public sector officers are welcome to contact us to update the data and upgrade the countries’ ranking.

The NCSI is developed and managed by e-Governance Academy and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. Visit to explore it yourself!

The video of the National Cyber Security Index gives an overview of the index and explains how to benefit from it. The NCSI gives a public and systematic assessment methodology on…