eGA conducts cybersecurity trainings in Georgia


E-Governance Academy  (eGA), is providing tailored cybersecurity training programs under the European Peace Facility for experts within Georgia’s defence forces.

These training programs cover essential topics such as incident response strategies, threat analysis, secure network architecture, and the latest cybersecurity technologies.

“The aim of these training sessions is to provide Georgian defence experts with practical, up-to-date knowledge that is essential for effectively countering modern cyber threats,” said Merle Maigre, the project lead and Head of the Cybersecurity Competence Center at the e-Governance Academy.

“As partners, the collaboration with E-Governance Academy on these high-profile cybersecurity initiatives is instrumental for strengthening Georgia’s defence forces against evolving cyber threats,“ said Mr. Luka Mgeladze, the Director of the Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

The training sessions, which began last December and are set to continue until late April, are focused on various aspects of cyber security. This includes an in-depth courses on operating systems, development of skills in managing security policies, understanding firewall technologies and network administration.

Set of trainings scheduled for January 2024 are aimed at enhancing cybersecurity incident response capabilities. The workshops focus on improving knowledge of cybersecurity issues and enhancing participants’ practical skills in tracing system attacks comprehending various attacker types and strengthening knowledge in defending IT systems against cyber threats, developing practical skills, refreshing foundational cybersecurity aspects, and informing capability development plans.

“eGA is proud to provide top programs for Georgian experts offering them tools and knowhow  needed to strengthen Georgian cybersecurity measures,” said Maigre.

The e-Governance Academy (eGA) is a centre of excellence that aims to increase the prosperity and openness of societies through digital transformation. Over the last 20 years, eGA has collaborated with more than 290 organisations and 143 countries on digital innovations worldwide.

In October 2023, the Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and eGA signed a Memorandum of Cooperation as part of the European Peace Facility (EPF) assistance measure (“Assistance Measure to Support the Georgian Defence Forces – Cyber Component”) to strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities and resilience of the Georgian defence forces. The 2022 EPF cyber defence support package totals 3.2 million euros aimed at enhancing Georgia’s capability to detect and counter cyberattacks. These training sessions form a part of this agreement.

eGA is also involved in Georgia with a project “Assistance to Georgian Ministry of Defence – Cyber Defence Component” (EPF assistance measure adopted in May 2023, EUR 1 million). Through these projects, eGA is dedicated to advancing Georgia’s cybersecurity resilience.

Estonian ambassador in Georgia Riina Kaljurand visited the cyber defense training.

Ambassador Riina Kaljurand of Estonia in Georgia visited cyber defence training on 30th January, expressing delight at the impressive skill level of participants during discussions with the training-facilitated Estonian enterprise CybExer.