The 10th e-Governance Conference reveals the enablers of digital success


The 10th e-Governance Conference, “Unlocking Digital Success”, discusses key enablers of successful digital transformation and showcases the digital governance practices of 20 countries. The conference takes place in Tartu on 22-23 May 2024.

In his opening speech, Estonian President Alar Karis highlighted the need for a holistic approach to transforming society, including lifelong learning, data-driven governance, and international cooperation.

Photo by Raigo Pajula

“I would like to emphasise one factor that underpins most success stories, not only in digital transformation but in the transformation of societies as a whole – education,” Alar Karis, the President of Estonia, said. “Echoing Estonia’s digital success story, we must forge public and private sector cooperation models to unlock the full potential of data both in terms of financial value and societal benefit,” he added.

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine underlined the quick adoption of modern technologies in tackling the wartime challenges: “In terms of the current situation in Ukraine, we understand that only with smart technology use can we win over bigger Russian manpower and resources. Step by step, Ukraine has become the main defence hub of Europe and the whole democratic world. We do believe that technologies will help us create a safer and brighter future. Now, innovations are simplifying interaction with the state, saving lives at the frontline, and creating new workplaces in the tech sector. Innovations should become our national idea and the core of the economy,”  said Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development of Ukraine.

The topics of the conference address the current and future challenges and opportunities in our digital world:

  • Designing citizen-centric services
  • Developing a digital business environment
  • Accessing European Union digital markets by third countries
  • Using digital innovations for the green transition
  • Public-private cooperation in cybersecurity

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The conference features representatives from every continent, including 13 digital leaders or high-level officials from Angola, Chile, Costa Rica, Estonia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Nigeria, Turks and Caicos, and Ukraine. With more than 70 speakers from 5 continents, the conference highlights notable leaders and digital transformation experts such as Dr. Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Paula Bogantes Zamora, Minister of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications, Costa Rica, Andrew Grotto, former Senior Director for Cybersecurity Policy at the White House (USA), and Lou Downe, former Design Director of the UK Government (UK).

The Conference’s workshops and presentations showcase the digital governance practices of 20 countries: Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Estonia, Finland, France, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Malawi, Moldova, Nigeria, Spain, Zambia, Turks and Caicos, the UK, Ukraine, and the USA.

The 10th e-Governance Conference, “Unlocking Digital Success”, takes place in Tartu on 22-23 May, focusing on key enablers of successful digital transformation. The two-day event hosts more than 500 digital development decision-makers, policy implementers, and donors from 67 countries worldwide.

The conference also features an expo of digital solutions from Estonian and international companies. Together, 17 IT companies and organisations implementing digital governance solutions will be presented at the expo.


The e-Governance Conference is a global event for digital governance for practitioners worldwide. This year, the Conference celebrates its 10th anniversary in Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024. The tenth e-Governance Conference is organised by the e-Governance Academy (eGA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Estonian International Development Cooperation Centre (ESTDEV).

The e-Governance Academy (eGA) is a centre of excellence to increase the prosperity and openness of societies through digital transformation. Driven by our mission, the experts at eGA have, since 2002, partnered with over 290 organisations in 143 countries to build successful digital societies that improve their citizens’ lives, strengthen their economies, and deliver transparent, democratic, and effective public administrations. The core of our team of 100+ members consist of the architects and founders of the Estonian and Ukrainian e-states. Find out more >>> ega.ee

The speakers’ introductions, the program, and participation information can be found on the conference website https://2024.egovconference.ee/