Estonian e-Governance Academy acknowledged Azerbaijan’s e-governance achievements


Estonian e-Governance Academy acknowledged yesterday Azerbaijan´s achievements for remarkable development of e-governance. The rewarding ceremony took place at  the international e-governace conference held in Tallinn.

Azerbaijan’s e-governance has developed considerably in the last two years. According to the UN EGID rating, Azerbaijan was ranked 93th out of 193 countries in 2012, last year Azerbaijan was ranked 68th. According to Arvo Ott, Chairman of the Board of the e-Governance Academy the quick rise has been supported by governments´achievments to make govermental and private services easily accessible, creating government’s ASAN Service Centers and supporting massive use of mobile-ID.

„The creation of e-government is a long-term and complex process that requires large-scale changes in society. Azerbaijan has taken substantial and powerful steps to make their state more transparent. Services that help develop governmental sector support at the same time economy and help to make the whole country more stable and transparent,“ said Arvo Ott.

The ASAN service centers encompass representatives of ten ministries under one roof, they provide more than 30 governmetal and 25 private sector services. Azerbaijan has created mobile service centers based in well equipped buses that offer services to residents in remote areas.  Besides e-services secure Mobile-ID is widely used as the main authentication service. Today, most of the employment contracts and number of payments are signed by using Mobile-ID.

„Rising awareness on Information Technology is Azerbaijan’s main priority, governmental service centers help people to be part of the decision making process. Azerbaijan’s aim is to have e-governance system that supports all governmental agencies, private sector, individuals and foreign  citizens living in Azerbaijan,“ said Ulduza Khalidova, Head of Azerbaijani Agency of Development and Social Innovations.

Estonian IT-companies B.EST Solutions, Cybernetica AS Aktors, EMT and SignWise have an essential role in creating technical solutions for Azerbaijan’s e-government.

The seminar is a part of the international e-Governance conference 2015 held in Tallinn on May 12-13 organised by e-Governance Academy.

Estonian e-Governance Academy  was established on 2002, they have shared Estonia’s experience on e-governance to more than 50 countries and support e-governance and innovation world wide.

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