Summary of the discussion ‘For whom are we building the e-state?’


This discussion took in the Opinion Culture Festival a closer look at how skilled young people are in using e-services and their role in e-participation, and tryed to find a solution as to how to raise and how to grow up to become e-citizens. We invited all young people, social studies teachers, education specialists, local government leaders and politicians to search for answers to the following questions: Do we know how to make the most of the advantages of our e-state in our own interests? How can we make young people interested in being (e-)citizens? How can we improve the education of e-citizens in schools and their involvement in local government? Are the state, the local government and society ready to let young people have a say?

The summary of the discussion how to make the e-state work even more effectively for citizen of Estonia is published on Estonian page.


The discussion was moderated by e-Governance Academy expert Kristina Reinsalu and spurred on by Director of Academic Affairs at the Narva College of the University of Tartu Aet Kiisla, Professor of Technology Education at the University of Tartu Margus Pedaste, Social Studies teacher at Hugo Treffner Upper Secondary School Aare Ristikivi and youth expert and activist Gerd Tarand.