Podcast 🎧: The magic behind e-participation


In this podcast, Kristina Reinsalu, e-democracy programme director, sheds some light on e-participation. She explains what makes ‘e-participation’ similar to ‘participation’ and why they differ. The use of ICT-solutions in decision-making processes is more and more popular in the world, but does it motivate people to participate more and are they heard by the government? She shares examples of various countries on how to make people’s engagement in decision-making processes more efficient and enjoyable for both citizens and officials.

As the UN e-Government Survey 2020 was recently published, Kristina digs through the e-participation rankings and explains what the survey measures.

You will hear why the countries at the top have reached these positions and what the Estonian government has done differently to be ranked first in e-participation. Additionally, you’ll be aware of why there are only European, Asian and North-American countries at the top, but no African or South American countries. Does the ranking describe the local reality truthfully?

And as the cherry on top, Kristina lists e-participation best practices from Finland, Spain, USA and the UK.

Tune in and find out why they are worthy to be followed by your government!


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