eGA to provide tailor-made e-governance e-courses for groups


eGA has launched e-governance e-courses to encourage governments and organisations to continue the digital transformation in their countries despite the pandemic. The courses are geared toward groups only. 

According to Annela Kiirats, Programme Director of e-Governance Trainings, eGA’s e-courses help participants to clarify the decisions that they need to make to enhance the administrative capacity, and to develop a sustainable public service delivery in their countries.

Due to the pandemic, the development of e-government and the provision of public e-services is even more topical and necessary. Making public e-services available online, assures that citizens can access them at any time, from anywhere,” said Kiirats.

eGA’s e-courses are aimed toward groups, in order to empower teambuilding of local e-governance developers. “Sustainable e-governance development is ensured if a dedicated and aware team is in place. Our e-courses raise awareness, provide multi-layered insights and help streamline the government’s future plans. The impact of new insights is much bigger if a whole team participates in an e-course,” explained Kiirats. She added, that all e-courses will be tailored to meet a nation’s particular circumstances.

eGA’s e-courses will be held by experts from government agencies, academic institutions, private sector companies, as well as civil society organisations, who have extensive experience in digital transformation.

You will hear true stories, not theory, directly from those involved in Estonia’s digital transformation. Our experts will also draw from their experience, gained from assisting more than 130 countries with their digital transformation challenges,” said Kiirats. She also stated that at the end of the e-course, participants will be ready to move forward with the next steps of a country’s digital transformation journey.

The courses are currently available in English, Russian and French.

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eGA has provided e-governance training since 2003. So far, more than 6500 government officials and decision-makers from 89 countries have participated in eGA’s study visits, training courses and seminars.