Electronic access to juridicial decisions in Moldova

The result of that project is a searchable online-archive of judicial decisions, sourced from the Supreme Court of Justice and the Nisporeni District Court of Moldova.  The online-archive enable:

  • Fast and easy online access to court information;
  • Searches of court case information based on multiple additional criteria that can be subsequently selected and identified;

The project supports one of the strategic objectives of the Government of the Republic of Moldova — to improve the Government-to-Citizen interaction (G2C) by providing more convenient, customer-oriented and cost-effective public services.

The project was implemented by Estonian e-Governance Academy in cooperation with Estonian IT service company Andmevara Ltd, Ratus Ltd and Estonian Business Archive Ltd.


Key facts:

Online searchable database for Supreme Court of Justice and Nisporeni District Court judgements

213 350+ court decisions from 1976 – 2013 on approximately 650 000 pages

Free access


  1. Development of an assessment of the necessary work
  2. Development of the Terms of Reference for the anticipated work to be accomplished.
  3. Tendering and contracting an IT company to digitize court case files and publish them online.
  4. Monitoring and quality assurance of the results of the digitization of the court case files.
  5. Publication of the digitized court case files.
  6. Training of Moldovan court officials and other staff on the handling of digitized court case files.
  7. Supported development of sustainable organization to support later digitization activities in the Moldovan court system.
  8. Awareness raising with the general public and main stakeholders groups about planned developments.




Smart Governance, Local e-Government


02/2015 - 01/2017


359 798 €

Project Manager

Martin Lään


Supreme Court of Moldova

Superior Council of Magistrates of Moldova