Open Government in Moldova and Kosovo

Kosovo | Moldova
Kosovo | Moldova
June 2012 - March 2014
73373 €
Project manager

The project “Promoting open government and participation in Moldova and Kosovo” aimed at supporting open governance, open policy making and participation and leveraging new technologies in this process in Moldova and Kosovo.

The project was implemented in cooperation with UNDP regional e-governance programme eSEE Initiative by the request of its member countries.

In the framework of the project, policy making process as well as participation practices were analysed and recommendations for enabling farmeworks such as regulative, organisational and procedural were made. An online participation tool was localised and piloted; seminars on open governance, open policy making and participation were held for both public administration as well as civil society representatives.

As a result of the project, the awareness about open governance, open policy making, participation and e-participation was raised as well as the capacity to plan and implement participation projects.