Developing digital governance strategies

Digital governance strategies offer a comprehensive approach to managing and leveraging digital technologies in a way that aligns with your country’s objectives and efficiently serves the citizens. These strategies outline how the government will use technology to enhance service delivery, promote transparency, foster citizen engagement, drive economic growth, and safeguard the security and privacy of citizens’ data.

At eGA, our team consists of governance, engagement and policy experts who are seasoned analysts and practitioners with a proven track record in Estonia and worldwide. Partner with us for tailored solutions that perfectly align with your solutions objectives, ensuring successful implementation and desired outcomes.

What we provide

eGA’s support for the development of digital governance strategies includes the following:

  • Assessing the current digital maturity of the government
  • Facilitating the drafting process of the strategy
  • Identifying relevant objectives for the field
  • Recognising the need for capacity building and training
  • Facilitating the change management process
  • Monitoring and reviewing the implemented strategic frameworks