Supporting Digital Transformation Coordination
Supporting digital transformation coordination

The importance of coordinating digital transformation is highlighted by the need for adjustments and reforms in management practices. Based on Estonian and international experience, our consultants offer guidance on optimising organisational setups and defining roles for effective coordination of government-wide digital transformation endeavours. A common challenge faced by many countries is the absence of cohesive cross-government planning and development. Successful implementation of digital transformation strategies depends on competent coordination, directly impacting the speed and efficiency of development processes and yielding savings on investments and operational expenses.

eGA experts have hands-on experience both from Estonia and internationally. eGA experts have been working in Estonia in digital governance coordination positions and have personal practical experience in this field.

What we provide

eGA’s support for digital transformation coordination includes the following:

  • Defining objective and scope for digital transformation and identifying the specific areas that need transformation and the desired outcomes.
  • Mapping the stakeholders and coordinating the creation of a governance structure with clear roles, responsibilities, and decision-making processes.
  • Providing trainings, workshops, and discussions for stakeholders to identify TO-BE plans and develop a roadmap for digital transformation.
  • Providing support to develop KPIs and milestones for reviewing the effectiveness of digital transformation strategies.
  • Providing support for change management processes to prepare stakeholders for the changes brought about by digital transformation and to lead implementation in organizations.