Cyber Security Manual serves Tongan digital transformation


On 24 August, Tonga launched its new digital transformation and cybersecurity portal. The portal includes the Cyber Security Manual developed by the e-Governance Academy’s experts. The manual assists government agencies in analyzing their IT systems and risk environment and selecting appropriate protection measures based on it.

According to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga Siaosi Sovaleni, the portal serves as a useful tool to coordinate the e-government program and digital initiatives of the Tongan Government.

Photo: the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tonga Siaosi Sovaleni
Photo: The opening of cyber training


In the last 2 years, e-Governance Academy has been part of Tonga’s digital development through the implementation of the e-Government Support Project in Tonga. The project is supported by the World Bank and had multiple components to develop supporting ICT infrastructure, information systems, public e-services, and other frameworks needed to meet the goals of Tonga’s Digital Government Strategy.

One part of the e-Government Support Project is dedicated to cybersecurity development. e-Governance Academy’s activities in the cybersecurity area have been focused on the development of operational and administrative standards and guidelines.

From 24 August, eGA cyber experts are conducting a comprehensive security training and awareness-raising program for government officials, IT and security professionals, management, and the private sector.

Explore more at https://digitaltransformation.gov.to/