Evaluation of solutions to reduce Tallinn’s air pollution began


Until 30.09, Tallinn residents can evaluate the proposed solutions to reduce Tallinn’s air pollution. Their preferences will be the basis for developing urban space and legislation to limit pollutant emissions and ensure cleaner air for all. There are 32 solutions proposed for ranking. 

For evaluation, citizens need to enter the voting platform https://code-europe.onesource.pt/et/tallinn, get familiar with the list of solutions and choose the five most important ideas which would contribute to the reduction of Tallinn’s air pollution.

According to project manager Kristina Reinsalu, co-creation gives the people of Tallinn an opportunity to make their input to the shaping of European Union legislation. “By showing their preferences, the people of Tallinn can say what actions should be taken at the European Union level to reduce air pollution in Tallinn and all other European cities,” said Reinsalu.

The ideas submitted for evaluation were received from the residents of 10 European cities during the second phase of the Co-deciding Europe project, which lasted from April to July 2022. Tallinn residents submitted approximately 60 proposals for improving air cleanliness through the co-creation platform, from which the European Union Environmental Agency selected for the evaluation those solutions that can be implemented at the EU level. In addition, there are three feasible Tallinn-level solutions in the evaluation round.

The co-creation project on air cleanliness, Co-deciding Europe, includes ten European cities: Athens (Greece), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn (Estonia), Lisbon (Portugal), Burgas (Bulgaria), Budapest (Hungary), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium) and Podgorica (Montenegro). The project lasts until the end 2022.

In Estonia, co-creation activities are carried out by the e-Governance Academy. The Co-deciding Europe project is supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants regional cooperation support fund.