eGA contributed EU twinning project in Georgia


EU Twinning project “Strengthening of e-Governance in Georgia II” concludes after 21 months of work of advancing Georgian Data Exchange Agency’s (DEA) knowledge base and amending Georgia’s e-governance related laws according to European Union’s legislation.

During the 21 months, 52 experts advised officials on e-Governance in Georgia related matters during 150 missions for more than 620 days. Experts from Estonia and Italy, together with specialists from Austria, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Latvia shared their experience with  Georgian colleagues. DEA employees attended different study tours to Estonia, Italy, and Holland. In order to increase public awareness of e-Governance potential, journalists were trained in a variety of topics on e-services and cyber security and Agency’s delegates received marketing courses to improve their skills in presenting their know-how of e-Governance.

Resident twinning adviser Ivar Tallo said that “Strengthening of e-Governance in Georgia II” was the first time e-Governance Academy and Estonia acted as a leading partner for a twinning project of this magnitude. “The project gave us a valuable experience in transferring knowledge. No present e-Governance model can be exported or received from one to another as it is. Every state needs to find its own path establishing it. I hope visions constructed in cooperation, regarding e-services supporting enterprises and i-Voting, will soon become a reality in Georgia,” he emphasized.

According to Georgian Deputy Minister of Justice Giorgi Pataridze EU’s support in approximating Georgian legislation with the EU legal frameworks a crucial step in Georgia’s advancement and integration with Europe.

The Head of Cooperation at the European Union Delegation in Georgia, Vincent Rey, noted that passing the new digital signature law and adopting the overall European framework of electronic identification for electronic transactions known as eIDAS is a big step for Georgian. “We are much looking forward to seeing the concrete implementation of this new framework, and e-Governance in Georgia,” said Rey.

Chairman of the LEPL Data Exchange Agency (DEA) director Irakli Gvenetadze said that accumulated knowledge of foreign experts acts as a springboard for advancing Georgian e-Governance.

The Georgian e-Governance development twinning project was funded by the European Union with 1,3 million euros. The project was led by Estonian e-Governance Academy partnering with Estonian Government Office and Italian ICT Consortium CSI-Piemonte.



Main results

  • Improved capacity of Data Exchange Agency;
  • Updated and harmonized e-governance related regulatory framework according to the European Union’s legislation and adoption of the eIDAS framework (European Union regulation for electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions);
  • Increased public awareness in Georgia of e-Governance potential: journalists’ training in variety of topics, including e-services development and cyber security;
  • Improved skills of DEA’s staff on presenting and sharing their know-how of e-Governance; prepared video on e-Governance as a marketing tool for officials, both internally and internationally;
  • Revision and updates to e-Georgia’s strategy;
  • Consolidation of e-services for the business community – Business House concept development and project support;
  • Analysis and support of various government initiatives from i-voting and mobile ID to e-archiving and overall e-Georgia concept.

Project activities included:

  • 52 experts from 8 countries involved;
  • 150 missions;
  • more than 620 expert days;
  • 20 seminars and conferences;
  • 5 study tours to Estonia, Italy and Holland;
  • 8 countries best practices analyzed: Estonia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, England, Denmark and Latvia.



Member State Project Leader HANNES ASTOK

Junior Partner Project Leader VITTORIO VALLERO

Resident Twinning Advisor IVAR TALLO




Beneficiary Country Project leader IRAKLI GVENETADZE



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