Strengthening e-Governance in Georgia II

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
09/2015 - 06/2017
1 300 000 €
Project manager
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This EU funded Twinning project strengthened the institutional set up of the LEPL Data Exchange Agency (DEA) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and enhanced the necessary skills and knowledge of the Agency’s staff on providing training, consultancy, benchmarking and promotion of e-government and information security in line with the European Union standards.
The Project had five components that addressed following important areas:

  • Georgia’s legal and regulatory framework on e-government and information society;
  • Organisational and institutional framework;
  • Training capacity;
  • Customised consulting and benchmarking services;
  • Public outreach and marketing.

The Twinning Project supported Data Exchange Agency and Georgian Government in:

  • Updating Georgia’s e-government legislation to meet EU standards;
  • Creating a holistic e-Georgia concept that people could relate to;
  • Devising e-Georgia strategy to address the emerging challenges;
  • Raising the use of digital identity for the e-services provision;
  • Improving DEA’s capacity to handle cyber security incidents;
  • Strengthening DEA’s capacity in providing training courses, consulting services and public outreach activities.

Project activities included face to face consulting, training courses, workshops and study visits.

Key projects results were as following:

  • Verified and updated Georgia’s e-government and information society legal and regulatory framework to meet EU standards;
  • Revised organisational and institutional framework of DEA in light of expanded tasks outlined in e-Georgia strategy;
  • Reinforced training capacities of DEA through establishment of knowledge base, introduction of evaluation and quality assurance training methods, and development of training materials;
  • Strengthened capacity of DEA to design, develop and deliver customised consulting and benchmarking services to government partners;
  • Improved DEA’s public outreach and targeted marketing capacities.