Moldova Establishes National Cybersecurity Agency with eGA Expertise


Moldova has approved the establishment of the National Agency for Cyber Security, made possible through expertise provided by the e-Governance Academy (eGA).

Recent months eGA’s experts collaborated closely to analyse and shape the necessary legal framework for the Agency. The objective was to integrate the best cybersecurity practices from across Europe while considering Moldova’s specific administrative structure.

„The collaborative efforts between eGA and the National Agency for Cyber Security are positioned to significantly enhance Moldova’s ability to counter cyber threats and ensure a safer digital landscape for its citizens. We extend our gratitude to all local stakeholders and experts who contributed to this endeavor,” said Hannes Astok, CEO of eGA.

The newly formed Agency will be responsible for implementing state policies on cybersecurity, ensuring high security for the networks and information systems of critical service providers. As part of its mandate, the Agency will form a national cyber incident response team and establish a national contact point to facilitate interaction between national authorities and public institutions with similar authorities in other countries. Additionally, the Agency will contribute to increasing citizens’ awareness and education in the field of cybersecurity.

“Establishing a competent authority is a significant step toward strengthening the country’s cybersecurity and protecting critical infrastructure. eGA experts are enthusiastic about collaborating with the National Agency for Cyber Security in the upcoming years as the European Union remains dedicated to supporting Moldova in enhancing cyber resilience through various projects,” said Epp Maaten, Team Leader of the EU-supported Moldova Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance Project.

The European Union-funded Moldova Rapid Assistance Project aims to enhance the cyber resilience of public sector organisations and critical infrastructure sectors, aligning their operations with the European Union Directive on the security of network and information systems (EU NIS Directive). The project, conducted by the e-Governance Academy, is active from May 2022 to May 2024.

eGA is implementing in Moldova also a cyber defense support of the European Union Peace Facility. This initiative will bolster the Moldovan armed forces’ capability to defend Moldova’s cyber space.

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