Communication capacity building of e-Governance Academy

Smart Governance
Smart Governance
05/2015 - 08/2016
11969 €
Project manager

Sviiter OÜ – Creative Agency

Piltilus OÜ – Photographer

Kristi Liiva – the Founder of Communication Agency JLP

With the following project e-Governance Academy aims to develop communicational capability of the organization.

The project includes creation of the communication strategy, renewal of the visual identity and implementation of the new identity in all main information carriers, creation of the new channel (newsletter) and information carriers (roll up, annual report, booklet of eGA) for more effective communication with stakeholders. Moreover, there will be conducted two communicational trainings for employees to use more effective all channels and to rise quality of the eGA’s training sessions. Additionally eGA has risen the most important issue in terms of the sustainability of the Estonian e-state on Estonian Festival of Opinion Culture.