Digitalising public services

Digitalising government services empowers you to provide public sector services conveniently, regardless of time and location, while ensuring an efficient, transparent and innovative service delivery process. Embracing digital services enables the government to save time and money, reduce bureaucracy, and enhance government credibility, benefiting citizens, investors and companies.

Estonia, a global leader in the digitalisation of public services according to DESI 2022, is the home country of our dedicated team at eGA. Our experts have extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the digitalisation of public services, both in Estonia and worldwide. Partner with us to support your country’s digital transformation and elevate public digital service provision.

What we provide

eGA’s support for the development and re-engineering of public digital services includes the following:

  • Analysing public services to identify digitalisation priorities
  • Mapping AS-IS work processes and the ecosystem for existing services
  • Defining the problem and understanding citizens’ needs and user experience
  • Developing, describing and visualising the future version (TO-BE process) of public services
  • Validating the selected solution with user groups
  • Preparing the technical development of digital services and supporting implementation
  • Calculating costs for future service management and supporting the development of a monitoring system