Success story of Benin: Tangible outcomes after just 2 years of collaboration

After two years of fruitful collaboration with the National Information Systems and Services Agency, a secure data exchange between government agencies and a citizen portal Service-Public.bj are now fully up and running in Benin. Moreover, Beninese information systems and services has been mapped in a catalogue of interoperable solutions (CatIS). Tangible outcomes after just a little over 2 years of cooperation, allowing the public administration in Benin to assist more efficiently its citizens.

At the moment, 12 services can be accessed through the citizen portal. Among these figure applying online for environmental certificates, or for one’s criminal record. For the rest, the citizen portal provides all information about services that can be accessed physically. But National Information Systems and Services Agency is looking forward to moving online up to 50 services very soon.

“I’m proud of this international cooperation. We’re proud to talk about something that we have done, completed, and that happened with the help of our Estonian partners,” Serge Adjovi,  Director General of the National Information Systems and Services Agency in Benin outlines.

These results have been accomplished within the projects “Data exchange platform for Benin” and “Citizen portal for Benin” that saw e-Governance Academy, Estonian company Cybernetica and national partners in the Beninese government work together to drive digital transformation in the country.



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