by Federico Plantera
Podcast & Blog: Cyber attacks in the Western Balkans and the way out

  It was just June that we were talking about improving cybersecurity capacity in the Western Balkans area. And a few months later, between August and September, the countries of Albania and Montenegro respectively suffered disruptive cyber attacks. Merle Maigre, Programme Director on Cybersecurity at eGA, joins us again to take stock of the situation. […]

by ega
Main Takeaways from the Western Balkan Digital Security Forum

By Merle Maigre and Jurijs Svirko   High-level representatives from Tirana, Sarajevo, Pristina, Podgorica, Skopje and Belgrade discussed the cybersecurity development in the Western Balkan region, shared knowledge and learned best practices of the EU at the Western Balkan Digital Security Forum on 14-15 June 2022 in Tallinn.  The main takeaways from the forum are: […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Is cyberwarfare part of Russia’s plans in Ukraine?

  Something might have caught many observers by surprise in Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. After a solid history of cyberthreats that could be linked back to the Federation’s territory, cyberwarfare seems to not be playing a major role in the attackers’ plans this time. As it did instead in 2007, during the first cyberwar […]

by Adhele Tuulas
How to strengthen national cyber capacity shields?

Cyber threats have been on the rise for years. Data is currency – especially in the cyber underworld – and locking critical systems for ransom can lead to enticing paydays for cyber criminals. The first half of 2021 already saw a number of significant cyberattacks against major actors, including Colonial Pipeline, Microsoft Exchange, and Bombardier. […]

by Paul Timmers
When Sovereignty Leads and Cyber Law Follows

The sovereignty debate in the EU can inspire the revision of the EU NIS Directive and even provide insight into future changes to the EU Treaties. The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS Directive) is one of the most important pieces of cyber legislation in the EU. Only four years after its entry into force, […]