by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Why is Digital Sovereignty Important for Governments?

Less than a month to go to the 2022 e-Governance Conference. To mark this countdown milestone, we called back a known voice of the Digital Government Podcast and the Conference, introducing the ever-more-pressing theme of digital sovereignty. Taking the floor is Paul Timmers, a scholar at various European universities and former director at the European […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧: The ethical challenges of fully automated public services

  Based on what trends we have witnessed in advanced digital societies –  the next level of public services will be fully automated services that are based on AI and Machine Learning. In this episode, a distinguished legal expert on digital governance topics Katrin Nyman-Metcalf covers another side of the coin – essential and ethical dilemmas behind […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 and blog: Among the giants: Governments and regulation in a digital economy

    By now, we have become familiar with how the relationship between big tech firms and governments has largely been portrayed in the media. So often it looks like a clash between opposing factions – the first standing on its ground to keep the market as free as possible, with the latter proposing laws […]

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by Anu Vahtra-Hellat
Podcast 🎧: Does privacy and rights matter while governments are combating COVID19?

In the light of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, today’s Digital Government podcast addresses one of the most sensitive topics – privacy and human rights while governments are combating COVID19 and developing tracking apps. Are our rights and privacy in danger? How can governments address these concerns and what should be a good practice? Listen to […]