by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Innovation in healthcare provision

  E-governance practitioners well know that the implementation of digital tools is essential, to enhance the provision and reach of public services. This applies across domains, from the most specific in user base to the more generalist ones. But innovation gains even further relevance when services matter to the entire population at large when it […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Digital government in Sweden is like a doughnut

Sweden is perhaps one of those countries that, in international rankings on government and digitalization, you sort of expect to do well – and indeed, so they do. Estonia figures among them as well, and we regularly see the interest this draws in understanding how development takes place, where, what’s next.  To take us there, […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 and blog: How soon back to normal? Five things to know about the digital vaccine certificate

    Other than national healthcare systems, patients, and patience, the COVID-19 pandemic has also tested the degree of collaboration between countries in overcoming the crisis. With the vaccines developed and immunisation campaigns being rolled out, governments and international organisations are now seeking a way to harmonise how to exit the crisis with vaccine certificates. […]

by Anu Vahtra-Hellat
Podcast 🎧: Digital health security and vaccination certificates

  The COVID19 pandemic has created a new reality for the healthcare sector, globally testing its limits. The European Commission, along with the World Health Organisation, is looking for a scalable digital infrastructure for secure vaccination certification to help governments to reopen societies and economies. In this episode, Merle Maigre, the organizer of the Digital […]

by Federico Plantera
Taking stock of digital healthcare development, beyond the crisis

As social distancing is enforced in most parts of the world, the Covid-19 outbreak has already issued a concerning verdict. We might be living in the information age, but digitalization has yet to reach – whether partly or in full – key components of the way life and service provision are organized. Naturally, healthcare jumps […]