by Federico Plantera
Podcast ­čÄž: Investing in people and the economy for a digital society

In parallel with a crisis of public health, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great damage also to the national economy of most countries.┬áRegardless of how hard these have been hit in terms of casualties and infection rates, lockdown measures have been enforced to different degrees almost everywhere in Europe and around the world. As a […]

by Merle Maigre
Podcast ­čÄž: What is cyber hygiene?

At times of COVID-19, cyber hygiene became particularly important. Being more cyber aware and practising healthy cyber hygiene is what will ultimately help you keep your business or administration continuity when you need it. In this blogpost and┬ápodcast, our senior cybersecurity expert Merle Maigre shares best practices of cyber┬áhygiene from┬áFrance, Estonia, the UK ┬áthat is […]