by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Good services can make the world a better place

Service design remains in focus at the e-Governance Conference – this year hosting a keynote by the former Director of Design for the UK Government, Lou Downe. The founder also of the School of Good Services, a design and consulting practice that resulted from the wide reach of their design principles, and the book ‘Good […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Data and services run fast in digital Ukraine

  Ukraine’s journey towards digital transformation has been marked by significant achievements, notably through the development and implementation of Trembita, the nation’s data exchange layer, and the Diia app. These tools have revolutionised the way citizens interact with government services, making them more efficient, transparent, and accessible. Zooming out, though, the context and circumstances within […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Teams and people as the core of effective digital leadership

We find ourselves often saying that it is people, rather than technological tools, that make the digital transformation successful and effective. That holds true for what concerns listening to the needs of users, taking invaluable feedback, and returning to citizens with solutions that do actually fit their asks and necessities. That holds true as well, […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Unlocking digital success at the e-Governance Conference

  The e-Governance Conference reaches its tenth edition. In 2024, we mark a decade of digital dialogues – ten years through which topics and participants have become increasingly diverse, and the Conference established itself as a key appointment for practitioners worldwide. This year, we invite you to unlock the secrets and key enablers of successful […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Cyber legislation for safe cyberspace

  Cybersecurity has been, undoubtedly, a dominant theme in last year’s digital governance discourse. The attention, and relevance, that cybersecurity increasingly enjoyed in the past years should be taken as a sign. As our life becomes increasingly digital, it is natural that more and more subdomains of it enter the scene too. In this podcast […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Europe in 2030 – a digital powerhouse?

Digital skills, collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors and governments are important in leading businesses into the digital era. We start the year with a strong vision and a focus on Europe, in light of the recently published DigitalEurope 2030 report. And we do so with Raido Lember, former CEO of the National […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Core themes in 2023 and trends for 2024

  And here we are, at the end-of-year appointment with Hannes Astok, Executive Director and Chairman of e-Governance Academy (eGA) to take a look back at what 2023 meant for governments worldwide. But also, we reflect on what the year meant for eGA. Through our projects and activities, we have once again had the pleasure […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Developing digital skills, today and tomorrow

  “Digital skills feel like a superpower. Because if you can use computers and the internet, the world opens in front of you,” says Kristi Kivilo, Senior Expert in the Governance and Engagement unit of e-Governance Academy. And digital skills, indeed, are the perfect example of something rather small, but that may have a tremendous […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Upgrading the first line of cyber protection in Moldova

The saying goes, that the weakest link in the chain of cybersecurity is people. But what about a change of perspective? People, instead, could be considered the first line in a cyber battlefield. An approach that signalled a change of mindset in Moldova, for example, within the ongoing EU-funded project on developing cybersecurity rapid assistance. […]

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by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Data exchange makes things happen in Kyrgyzstan

Digital transformation of government in Central Asia, in this podcast episode, has the face of Kyrgyzstan. Almost a decade since the inception of the country’s first plans, public services are now available online for citizens, and data exchange is happening between government agencies. Something Tõnis Mäe, Senior Expert of the Digital Architecture Competence Centre of […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: 20 years of change in managing digital transformation

How long are two decades, when it comes to digital government? Well, very long – and with a lot of things happening. At least that is what it feels like, as the rapid pace of technological development presents governments with new opportunities, sure. But also, with challenges and risks, new elements to consider in strategy […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Data quality as the basis of informed decision-making

Whether in population management, or more specific business processes and use cases, we can’t stress enough the significance of digital data quality. Because tidy registries equate to informed decision-making, and the possibility to build powerful tools and solutions on top of them. In this episode of the Digital Government Podcast, we expand on how ensuring […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Digitalisation in Latin America means solutions to fit diverse needs

The past decade has seen digitalisation efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean area ramp up rapidly. Development has been fast, but not homogenous. Differing approaches across countries have created a map of digitalisation, that sees governments in the region excel at different things. So, what’s the way forward, in such a rapidly moving landscape? […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Cyber defence in the time of war

Crucial distinctions exist between cybersecurity and cyber defence – even more so, at times when war and conflicts seem ever-present in news headlines from all around the globe. It is only fair, then, that governments look into enhancing their cyber defence capabilities and adapt plans and policy agendas to fit a constantly changing threat landscape. […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: In a digital marriage – love, law, and a new e-service in Ukraine

Times of digital love, those we live in – as Daft Punk stated too. Practically, the entire supply chain of romance has somehow been impacted by societal digital transformation. Instant messaging, dating apps. So why not take online as well all the boring bureaucratic steps that would lead to the “yes, I do”. A podcast […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Tailoring cybersecurity trainings to threats, needs, and skills

October is cybersecurity month. Not that in the rest of the year we are not supposed to place the same attention to safeguarding our digital spaces – that needs to be constant, ever-present. But moments like this do help us highlight, and stress once more, the importance of cybersecurity as a cross-cutting component of digital […]

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by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Empowering CSOs in the Western Balkans for digital transformation

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are assuming growingly critical roles in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. These organizations act as intermediaries between citizens and governments, advocating for inclusive digital policies and services that cater to the needs of all. In the Western Balkans, the ICEDA (Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda) project aimed to foster and […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Latest trends in digital participation and civic engagement

The newly formed Competence Centre of e-Governance Academy on Governance and Engagement already has a track record of matching active citizenship with institutional dialogue, bringing citizens and administrations closer together. But let’s zoom out for a moment. We have worked on improving the relationship between public service providers and users in Georgia, Ukraine, and many […]

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