by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Innovation in healthcare provision

  E-governance practitioners well know that the implementation of digital tools is essential, to enhance the provision and reach of public services. This applies across domains, from the most specific in user base to the more generalist ones. But innovation gains even further relevance when services matter to the entire population at large when it […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast & blog: Thinking about the past and future of digital transformation

The upcoming book by e-Governance Academy, “Twenty Years of Building Digital Societies”, brings into focus the role that digitalization played in Estonia, in the countries eGA has collaborated with – and what such expertise adds to the digital development strategies of countries worldwide. Vision, sustainability, people, security. We take the long view here, in a publication […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: 20 years of technological change and transformation

A review of technological change in the past 20 years, applications and narratives, sweet birthday wishes. We have it all in this week’s episode of the Digital Government Podcast, where we head to distinguished technology experts of e-Governance Academy (eGA) for another expert chat dedicated to eGA’s 20 years anniversary. Programme Director Heiko Vainsalu meets […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧 & Blog: Digital skills for full-fledged digital society

Digital skills are essential for the development of a full-fledged digital society. We can – and should – expect both companies and governments to develop their services in the most user-friendly way, to actually serve customers and citizens. But how to empower people further, and give them the tools to navigate effectively the information age? […]

by Kristina Mänd
Nothing for me without me – masterclasses in Georgia on designing proposals to address digital vulnerability

By Kristina Mänd   Have you considered digital vulnerability when planning a service or a project? Do you know how to design a good solution? Are you thinking creatively, flexibly and experimentally? In Tbilisi, 14 teams of civil society organisations and public authorities are designing action proposals to address the challenges digitally vulnerable citizens are encountering […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Tech beyond code with a digital sociologist

  Implementing new technology, both in the public and private sectors, is often regarded as a matter of developing products and services. In addition to code itself, design thinking has recently come to play an important role in identifying users’ needs and process challenges. But some argue that tech is not just a product – […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧 & blog : Making interoperability a reality in Djibouti

  In the Horn of Africa there is yet another blue pin on the world map of interoperability supported by X-Road technology. The Government of Djibouti represented by ANSIE has recently completed the implementation of the data exchange platform, marking another step toward more efficient and effective public service delivery. On e-Governance Academy’s side, Programme Director […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Five reflections on effective digital government from Ireland

  This year’s e-Governance Conference has been a key moment of observation and learning to walk the path of digital transformation. Plenty of interesting sessions and contents for all tastes – from AI to cyber-resilience, to digital sovereignty and proactive services. For one session, though, we went for the helicopter view (quite literally). How does […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧 & blog: Digital innovations in Africa

  For this episode of the Digital Government Podcast, we figuratively fly with our microphones to Africa. Specifically, to Kenya and Nigeria – where winners of the first Africa D4D Journalism Competition are based. 175 journalists from 35 countries participated, signalling a great response to the call submissions made by the African Union – European […]

by Federico Plantera
Perhaps, the AI revolution is not as loud as we thought

It seems almost physiological that the latest tech buzzwords, with time, undergo some sort of resizing. Technology advances, consulting firms and market actors take the leap envisioning how the latest development could change everything, and then we notice how such upheavals are slower to unfold than expected – or they even underachieve, compared to the […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧: The next big turn in digital transformation:AI

  The number of mobile users is already exceeding 7 billion worldwide, and 3 billion of them are using smartphones. The rising mobile penetration has pushed governments to develop services that could be used via mobile phone. On the other hand, more and more governments are exploring how to benefit from AI by providing public […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧: How can civil society organisations enhance digital responsibility of the government?

The pandemic caused countries around the world to employ digital solutions, which they had been ignoring or postponing, almost overnight. Such rapid development also raises several questions related to digital responsibility and accountability. Digital responsibility has mainly been addressed by the business sector. However, the expectations to the governments to set the agenda for digital […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧: Is digital only the next normality for governments?

  Today we invite you to listen to the episode on the next normal of digital transformation featured by futurist Thrond Arne Undheim and the former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. Follow their discussion on what have the governments learned from 2020 and what they have refused to learn. Moreover, the guest will talk about the trends that […]

by ega
Podcast 🎧: Does technology increase or decrease democracy?

  In this episode of the Digital Government Podcast, you are welcome to meet our distinguished e-democracy expert Liia Hänni, who recently celebrated her 75th birthday! Known as the “mother” of the Estonian Constitution, she has had a massive impact in the design of Estonia’s democratic face and digital society. Within the following 21 minutes, […]

by Anu Vahtra-Hellat
Podcast 🎧: Pros and cons of using biometric data

  While we approach the international identity day on September 16, we are addressing the topic that concerns our identity and its use, online or offline. In today’s episode of Digital Government Podcast, we explore with Kaija Kirch, Head of Digital Identity Technologies at Cybernetica AS, the pros and cons of using biometric data in identification and providing access […]

by Anu Vahtra-Hellat
Podcast 🎧 : How do Finland and Estonia benefit from the cross-border secure data exchange?

In today’s episode Ville Sirviö, the CEO of the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS), casts light on how to get digital data securely running between two countries, based on the X-road trust federation, and how citizens of Finland and Estonia have benefited from it. As we know, Finland and Estonia are exchanging data of […]

by Anu Vahtra-Hellat
Podcast 🎧: The role of civil society organisations in a digital society

  In this episode of Digital Government Podcast, Urmo Kübar, the former advisor to the Estonian President and the Executive Director of Praxis, talks about the role of civil society organizations in a digital society and explains how can they benefit from digital tools for building a more seamless society.  Being involved in the Estonian […]

by Federico Plantera
Podcast 🎧: Futurist Trond Arne Undheim on the e-government of tomorrow

This year’s e-Governance Conference – A Digital Decade in One Year – looks at the implications of the accelerated digital transformation resulting from the pandemic. The programme creates space to explore the new normal in which we find ourselves today and the next normal that we are entering. In the build-up to the Conference, our […]

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